Other Industries Served

Commercial – B2B businesses can take full advantage of their cash flow by outsourcing their past-due accounts  to our Action Collection’s dedicated commercial collection division. With our custom approach, you can maximize account recovery.

You benefit from the dedicated attention of the best trained collectors and a state-of-the-art collection system with each balance you entrust to us.

We meet your unique needs by constantly improving communications efficiencies with you and with your debtors. We actually share feedback from your customers when appropriate, which our clients find helpful.

Retail – Our proven strategies build trust with each consumer interaction. We are respectful and  understanding, and build brand awareness when communicating with your customers. Action Collection’s human touch provides the best opportunity for recovery success.

Financial – Achieving great results and protecting your good name is our highest priority in collecting on your bank card, retail cards, auto deficiency and installment loan accounts.

Student Loans – We provide unsurpassed collection by engaging student consumers with mediation services. Great communication is key as we work within the requirements of your college or university. This partnering approach helps your registrars or business office achieve excellent results.

Insurance – Insurance companies rely on our many years of experience resolving consumer and commercial debt. Owed premium, recoverable deductibles and auditable policies are just a few areas of our collectors’ expertise. We leverage our experience and knowledge to your advantage.