Working with us

Hands-on service 

As an ACA client, you get old-fashioned personal service from an account executive who has sole responsibility for managing your day-to-day needs – everything from information requests and inquiries to contacting you regarding payment verification, settlement authorization and possible legal actions.

Collection procedures

Expect speed, thoroughness, adherence to all relevant federal and state debt collection regulations, and good judgement. A typical new account work flow:

  • Enter account information into our system, generating first collection notice.
  • If consumer has not either paid the balance in full or responded, contact consumer by telephone.
  • If consumer has not paid in full or responded, send second notice and continue telephone calls. Collections agent determines if further correspondence is appropriate.
  • If payment in full is not realistic, set up a repayment plan or negotiate a settlement. If consumer breaks payment promises, move account to priority status. 

Special capabilities

Whenever necessary, we employ sophisticated scoring and skiptracing procedures that include “scrubbing” collection letter files, using specialized location technology and accessing consumers’ pertinent financial information via our Experian membership. We may also report consumers to the credit bureau – which can often motivate consumers to pay their bills.

Persistently working through to resolution

Your collection accounts get attention whether big or small. That’s because we fairly distribute accounts and their varying balances to our collection agents who are rewarded both on the number of payments received and the total dollar amount collected. Consumers can pay via check and credit card, using this website’s payment portal as one option. Only after exhausting all viable collection efforts do we delete an account. 

Fee structure 

Our fee structure is competitive, fair and based on value provided. We determine fees considering variables such as placement volume, account age, balance amount, prior handling and agency exclusivity. Our fees are all-inclusive and contingent upon collection results. Your only additional expense would be for out-of-pocket costs we incur for any legal actions you decide to take against a consumer.