For effective debt resolution, account receivable managers turn to Action Collection Agencies.

We blend the best in technology tools and collection techniques with the human touch. That means resolving debt cases quickly with responsive client service, advanced communication capabilities and proper sensitivity to your patients’ situation. Learn more about what we do.

Collections tailored to your industry

Healthcare is unique. The lives and well-being of your “customers” are in your hands. Healthcare debt involves this delicate relationship, and we have made this understanding foundational to our mission.

Unencumbered by bureaucracy, we are nimble, empathetic and expert in the latest technology. Acting on your behalf, we frequently outperform larger agencies in terms of debt resolution and in maintaining as much as possible the integrity of the patient-provider relationship. 

We bring value to you too by interfacing with third-party payers directly, so you can largely eliminate the time and effort dealing with these companies.

The power of advanced technology

We enhance your bottom line results aided by our fully automated, secure and constantly updated collections system featuring:

    Data redundancy with replication between on-premise data and the cloud-based Microsoft Azure system

    The powerful functionality and reporting capabilities of DebtMaster collection software

    Scoring technology that determines patient “propensity-to-pay,” which enables our collection agents to employ the strategy most likely to achieve the best outcome 

    Flexible debtor payment systems with ability to pay by credit card and check directly via IVR and at and 

    Custom reporting covering a wide range of information from monthly activity to debtor status reports

    Strong data encryption

    Sophisticated, integrated computer telephony with predictive dialing, IVR automated messaging and account scoring technology

    Capability to accept new business and remit via either electronic, SFTP, or other media transmission 

    Special notice texts

    Need a collection program tailored to your very specific needs? Done. Our in-house system makes it very doable.